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About Us

Skills Assembly is a NGO dedicated to delivering effective and sustainable learning and development programs to motivated individuals looking to improve their career prospects and develop further in the IT industry. 

We help people in their career prospects by gaining in-demand skills and improving their employment opportunities to pursue a meaningful career in Tech & Information Technologies.

Skills Assembly is guided by the belief that every motivated person deserves the opportunity to develop skills and grow in the highly perspective and fast-growing IT industry and that personal approach is key in successful personal skills development. 

Our Aspiration

Create a platform for ideas, projects and experts to collaborate and contribute to the IT ecosystem and skills development of junior talent

Through the Skills Assembly platform, we aim to:

  • Address the demand for modern workforce skills driven by the rapid growth of the IT industry (software, technologies and IT services) in the region.
  • Empower junior talent looking for career realization in the world of IT to support the development of society and its resources to meet the opportunities on the market.
  • Support the pace of development of digital transformation in the regionby enabling people to move with the speed of modern work skills development and technological advancement. 

Our Values

Sustainable Learning

Effective learning outcomes can be achieved only through high involvement of the students and various training delivery methods and tactics in order to achieve results that last.

Holistic Approach

We are guided by the belief that effective skills development is only possible by gaining a blend of technical and non-technical skills necessary for the modern, upcoming careers.

Personality Focus

Personal approach is what makes the biggest different in education because every single person is unique and deserves attention in order to realise their full potential.

Our Projects

Through our partnerships, we aim to deliver highest quality and innovative learning programs.


JumpToIT is a high intensity, holistic Testing and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Training Program which aims to develop the next-generation QA Specialists with a variety of technical and non-technical skills, making them ready to enter the IT world with confidence and solid preparation.

The program also comprises networking opportunities, guest lectures on employability and career guidance and mentoring by the program leaders.

Created for: Highly motivated people determined to transform their career and enter the world of IT.

Training Program: Software Quality Assurance Fundamentals; Technology Readiness (SQL, HTML, Web Services), Working with Microsoft Office, Soft & Business Skills

Strategic Partner: The program is sponsored by one of the largest independent technology services companies world-wide – Accenture.

Currently accepting applications for JumpToIT Class of 2020. Find out more here.

Cloud & DevOps Academy

Cloud & DevOps Academy is a full-time traineeship program aiming to prepare students with the necessary skillset and project experience to kick-off their career as junior talent in the Cloud & DevOps area.

Students get trained by senior talent in the area who now wants to contribute to the IT ecosystem, provide best-in-class training and career start to bright and motivated young IT talent.

Created for: Recent university graduates and junior talent looking to kick-off their IT career.

Training Program: Windows and Linux Services, Web Services, Security, Scripting, Cloud and DevOps advanced knowledge, Working with Microsoft Office, Soft & Business Skills.

Strategic Partner: The program is developed for KPMG IT Service OOD whose mission is to digitalize the business of the 154 KPMG network member firms and their clients across the globe.

Visit the website here.

Our Approach

The 4 Pillars That Make our Learning Programs Highly Effective:

Training Curriculum Design

We design training programs according to the strategic objectives of the projects and to the profile of the students. Each and every singe project is different because there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to learning.

Trainers with Professional Experience

Our star trainers and mentors are highly experienced trainers who have been working for renowned organizations and achieved professional certifications in their respective fields. Driven by their ambitions to pass on their experience and competencies to the younger generations, they provide highly qualified training, coaching and mentoring with a personal approach.

Combination of Training Delivery Methods

We mix various Training Delivery Methods – classroom training courses, workshops, business simulations and games, events, projects and online courses in order to engage the students in the most effective way depending on the content being taught.

Student Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We are committed to constantly improving the quality of training programs and therefore, we value our students feedback very highly. By applying best practices from the field of professional training, we make sure to always listen to our students and create a highly effective learning experience and ensure the efficiency of the learning outcomes.

Get in Touch

Skills Assembly has been created by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT professional training and consulting who have the ambition to apply their experience to empowering the next generation of IT talent.

We are constantly looking to expand our network of experts and partners in order to increase the scope of our impact.

If you’re also looking to make a sustainable change in the world of IT education and employability, let’s talk!

Get in touch by sending us an e-mail about your ideas:

Skills Assembly is a registered NGO with residing address at ITCE Ltd. Office in Megapark fl.1, Tsarigradsko shosse 115G, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria.

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